Aguas Frescas

December 7, 2017

I love trying every Méxican fruit drink that I come across.  Aguas Frescas (fresh water) are drinks made with a combination of fruit and water.  They are delicious! They are often served with a big ladle from the glass jars like pictured above.

You might also find these on a menu as Agua del Día. You should ask what it is and give it a try!  ¿Cuál es tu agua del día hoy?

A few of my favorites are:


Watermelon – Sandía

Soursop – Guanabana

Pineapple and Cucumber – Piña y Pepino

Cucumber Mint – Pepino y Hierbabuena

Tamarind – Tamarindo

Cactus Fruit and Mint – Tuna y Hierbabuena

Alfalfa and Lime – Alfalfa y Límon

Rice Water – Horchata



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