Flour or Corn Tortilla?

December 11, 2017

Do you prefer a flour or corn tortilla?  I like both and use one or the other daily.  The tortilla adds so much to your meal – both as a utensil and an essential component of the meal itself.  When they are well made, with good ingredients, they are heavenly. Forty years later I still remember eating the warm flour tortillas immediately after buying them at a little place in San Felipe in Northern México.

Below is a delicious corn tortilla taco made at home with black beans, avocado, habanero salsa, and cheese.  Am I making you hungry?


Corn tortillas are the heart of most Mexican meals. They are safe for vegetarians as the ingredients should be only corn flour (masa harina) and water.  I recommend that you seek out the smaller stands wherever possible, especially if you see them making them by hand.  At the top of this post is a stack of blue corn tortillas purchased at a supermarket, Soriana.  You will find them stored in coolers (to keep warm) and are usually bundled into quarter kilo, half kilo and kilo stacks.  If you buy machine made corn tortillas like these, before you put them in the fridge flip through them to separate them so they don’t stay stuck together.  And if you have dogs, they get to share at least one!

Above is one of my favorite ways to use a corn tortilla, to make a salad taco!  I told you I was weird!

Flour tortillas are delicious, too, but you need to check and see if they’ve used lard when making them.  If you’re buying packaged flour tortillas check for lard (manteca) – most will have used vegetable oil (aciete vegetal) instead.  Some have a long list of ingredients – I try to find the ones that are only flour (harina), salt (sal), vegetable oil (aciete vegetal).

Below is the basic flour and bean quesadilla with a little guacamole on the side.  Mmmmm.

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