I’m Nancy (aka Carrot) a US expat and a vegetarian of 30+ years. I’ve lived in México for the last 10 and have lots to share about eating vegetarian in this lovely country.

I created this website to give you the tools you need to enjoy everything this country has to offer, including the food,even if your Spanish is very basic.

While you can search out vegetarian restaurants, that’s not usually how I do it.  I usually eat with other people, many of whom eat meat. I want all of us to be able to enjoy our meal together, and they won’t feel happy unless they know I am enjoying a good meal, too!

So please use the tools here and find out how to communicate your needs so that you and your friends can share a nourishing and delicious meal together!

Please explore the site and use the Comment form with your ideas or suggestions.

Buen provecho!